Studio Talk
Vyas Teja Rao
Founder, Analogy Design

Vyasateja (VT) is the founder & managing partner at Analogy and an industrial designer specialising in designing memorable and
fresh experiences for products, both physical and digital. Since moving away from corporate design in 2013, where he had the
opportunity to work with large fortune 500 companies and leading design studios, he has worked globally in the US, HK, China, Korea,
Taiwan, Singapore, and India. He founded Analogy with a goal to create a synergy between physical and digital products. After
graduating with a Masters in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University in 2007, VT lived and worked in the US, before
travelling around the world collaborating on various projects. As a mentor helping designers with visual communication he has
helped many understand the importance of contrast, surprise, and hidden artefacts in Design. He has received various international
design awards and patents, including the Red Dot, Industart, IBDC, IBD award, Singapore Design Award, and currently, VT designs
for various global clients such as Panasonic, Amazon, Marvel, Cellairis and other leading companies who are passionate about
creating breakthroughs in product and user experience. He also collaborates with numerous start-ups from the US, Asia, and Europe.

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